What would be of us without cycles?
I have been sucked in by this unexpected cycle, one that has been the best creative-wise, the freedom that I’ve been given by the trust in my work is indescribable. Being part of this digital art renaissance has flipped my life and my perspective of reality around, literally: crypto art saved my life and I will be infinitely grateful for it.
I truly believe that we are leading the future by waking up early, we are breaking down the old ways of traditional art markets along with a utopian vision of data decentralization and economic freedom led by the blockchain and that’s why we are part of voracious volatility in the market, but light doesn't exist without darkness. Changes do not have perfect paved roads but we must always keep in mind that it is all a cycle and cycles have cycles, ups, and downs, but technology only moves forward… but we are here for art, right?
Art is our first, but we all know that the market is built on two visions: Short and long term, and I’m not to judge what kind of role you play because everyone can do what they chose to in this ecosystem and it’s why I lean towards the vision of collectors who contribute to my personal artistic growth and to my secondary market in the long run: less speculation, more collecting, more collectors, fewer investors.
Enough said I’m not here to delay the beginning of a new cycle for anyone, so this is why this NFT + custom signed and numbered physical Infinite Objects piece is yours now. To thank you for being in sync with my plans, for your sacred diamond hands, for that connection you have with my 1/1 pieces, for sticking around since day one and putting together the whole collection of Fragmented Existences, for that madness in you for betting on my artistic professional future and resisting, thank you, you fucking degenerates!​​​​​​​
It's time to open some fucking portals in real life
My roadmap is to put my soul into each piece and make art until my last breath!
(If you have a fellow collector that shares the same vision and that you believe would like to join this journey, let me know as I would be very honored to reserve a piece for them)
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