Verification will give you server roles according to the number of Tezos and ETH pieces that you hold and these roles will give you access to pre-sales, raffles, giveaways, Discord channels, and more as we fall deeper down the rabbit hole.
Get verified for Tezos
Navigate to #đź’Žcollector-verify and select <Verify Tezos>
You will be prompted to enter your Tezos wallet address, which holds your Fragmented Existences piece(s).
Once you enter your Tezos wallet address, you’ll be given a unique string.
(Keep in mind that the generated string will be different than the one displayed here)
Head over to using the same wallet address have previously entered. On the profile page, you will input your unique string in the description field. 

(Heads up: Teia requires you to put a username too. You can change it after verification is complete and remove the unique string. This server does not capture or do anything with this data for verification)
Once you have clicked on Save Profile, you will be asked to sign a transaction from your Tezos wallet. You can navigate back to Discord to verify that roles have been added:
You are now in, let the party begin!

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